Spring Cleaning and Why It's Important for Homes and Businesses

Spring cleaning. it's a phrase that welcomes warmer weather and new beginnings. But often, you just don't want to do it yourself. Otherwise known as deep cleaning, it can be hard work. Not to mention how time-consuming it is. Yet, it's crucial in keeping things looking nice, welcoming, and in business - professional.

What Is Spring Cleaning?

Sure, you might think you know what spring cleaning is, and you may be right. But there is more to it than just sprucing up a place. These are things that aren't taken care of throughout the year. Things like washing baseboards, dusting the ceiling, cleaning things on top shelves - you get the idea. New beginnings and a freshly cleaned home or business make everything look and feel better.

Why Is Spring Cleaning Important?

There is a lot of importance to spring or deep cleaning. Here are a few reasons this yearly occurrence is a must.

  • It's Healthier, and It's Welcoming 

In the winter months, homes and businesses don't get as much fresh air. Dust and debris settle more, and the air quality in your home or business suffers.

During the 1800s, according to the Washington Post, the biggest annual housecleaning took place in the spring because the winter left homes coated with "a layer of soot and grime in every room.

  • It Takes Care of the Harder Cleaning

A spring cleaning clears all that away and gives the place a pleasant smell with healthier air. And you don't always have time to do some things needed to keep a home in tip-top shape, such as dusting ceiling fans, cleaning cabinets, or window sills. For businesses, everything looks shiny and new. And customers know that the business takes care of its building. Not only that, but it is a more welcome place when it's clean and fresh.

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