At Kustom Kleaning, we can help make a home look really enticing — so enticing that many people will want to move in as soon as possible. 

Yes, we'll get your client's residence ready for a staging or a series of photographs. We can customize our services, too. For example, we can do light touchups or more thorough cleanings, depending on your wants and needs.

Especially important, we use safe and nontoxic substances in our work.

Amaze Those Buyers

As soon as they show up, potential buyers form an impression of a property, sometimes on a subconscious level. And cleanliness plays a significant role in that perception.

Dirty spots can easily distract visitors, warping their view of a home. Without them, people can focus on the beauty of their surroundings; they can picture themselves living in those spaces.

Even the aroma of a freshly cleaned room — as opposed to lingering odors of cooking, garbage, and pets — can make a person feel right at home.

A Flawless Attention to Detail

At Kustom Kleaning, we don't just clean windows, walls, and floors. We get countertops and tabletops to gleam. We let mirrors and bathtubs sparkle. We make sure sinks and window sills are free of grime and unsightly stains. In short, when we leave a home, all of its visible elements are spotless. 

In addition, our deep cleanings get rid of bacteria and other potentially dangerous microbes. Thus, we don't just make residences more appealing; we make them safer to live in as well. 

As our excellent reviews attest, our relationships with customers are our primary concern. Therefore, we offer competitive pricing, easy bookings, and flexible scheduling. Plus, our uniformed team is exceptionally friendly and hardworking.

In short, Kustom Kleaning is an ideal option for Realtors — or for anyone who wants to make a home shine and glow as it did long ago.

GIVE YOUR KITCHEN A PROFESSIONAL SPARKLE & SHINE WITH OUR RESIDENTIAL KITCHEN CLEANING SERVICES Does it seem that no matter how often you attempt to clean your kitchen it always gets dirty again? That’s because the kitchen is usually the most high-trafficked area in your home. Dishes can quickly pile up, crumbs from prep work and cooked food fall on the counters and the floor. Countertops get smudged and the stove gets splattered. A kitchen that was clean in the morning can look a mess by the evening. But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a clean kitchen without having to constantly do all the cleaning work yourself. Simply do what so many other homeowners in your area have done — hire professionals to give your beautiful kitchen the clean and shine it deserves! THOROUGH KITCHEN CLEANING SERVICES BY PROFESSIONALS A weekly kitchen cleaning delivers amazing results that show! Enabling you to truly benefit from a clean space to work in and enjoy. Our kitchen cleaning services take care of your kitchen from top to bottom — we’ll mop the floors, scrub and sanitize the countertops, shine your appliances, wipe down your cabinets, remove splatters from microwaves, ovens, and cooktops, and when we’re done, we’ll empty the trash and leave your kitchen sparkling! Our professional team of residential home cleaners take great care to ensure any and all breakable items are handled gently, so you can rest assured that your kitchen and its contents will always be in good, capable hands. We also offer different levels of our cleaning service so you can choose the cleaning and the schedule that suits your needs best. LEAVE THE WORK TO US You kitchen should be a place you can enjoy cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends. It shouldn’t feel like a second job to get it clean and prepared. Take the time to relax and leave the hard work to us! We’ll tackle the toughest messes and leave you a kitchen you’ll be glad to spend the day in. We’ll also be happy to develop a customized cleaning plan if you have certain cleaning specifications. We take great pride in delivering great service, and you can take great pride in how beautiful your kitchen will look when we’re done. Contact us today to learn more about what our kitchen cleaning services cover, and to receive a free estimate.